Adoption Homes...

Our pet malteses in their new homes...

Toby with Claudette and Marcel

Barney, Snoopy and Charlie with Penny

Jazper, Ozzy and Yoko with Linda and Stephen

Cassie and Fay with Marcelle and Steve

Pinot and Benji with Pierrette

Spencer and Charlotte/Sophy with Joan

Muse is with Rachel and Gilles

Shana with Manon

Bijou and Sultan with Gisle

Ivy, Peanut,Tania,Bazou and Sally with Rita and Jean-Pierre

Cassy(Molly) with Annie

Ralph with Michle

Winston with Ramona

Oscar and Nickie with Jo-Ann and Marise

Olly with Sana

Miya with Sonia

Lucky Luke is with Francine and Herv

Siku is with Diane

Mimzy is with Aline

Romo is with Caroline

Mia is with Vronique

Lady Di is with Ginette

Jack is with Mlanie and Sbastien

Fanny is with Louise

Daisy is with Donna

Clo is with Sharon and Brian

Folie is with Johanne and Roger

Cissy is with Pauline

Tristan is with Rjeanne

Alex is with Michelle

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